Colored EPDM – Revolutionary Manufacturing Advancements Squeeze Costs


Cardinal Rubber Company has been producing colored EPDM sheets for more than 20 years. We utilize our deep expertise in materials and formulation to produce colored EPDM to match customer-provided color samples. We also offer a full spectrum of pre-formulated colors that customers can choose from. Ultimately our colored EPDM is granulated and used to make rubberized surfaces for running tracks and playgrounds.

Quality at a Competitive Price

One of the key differentiators for Cardinal Rubber Company is our full spectrum of service offerings. We handle all aspects of our processes in-house, from start to finish. This provides the advantages of process control – ensuring quality, and process efficiency – ensuring cost competitiveness. Our customers share in these benefits.

The Most Cost-Efficient Colored EPDM Process in the Industry

We’re currently investing in a new colored rubber production line that utilizes revolutionary engineering advancements to further squeeze out costs while maintaining strict quality controls. These innovations are designed to offer you the most cost-efficient colored EPDM manufacturing process in the industry. You’ll get the same high-quality colored EPDM we’re known for, at an even lower cost.

If you’re looking for a colored EPDM supplier, please contact us to learn how we can put these advantages to work for you.

Colored EPDM