Compression Molding – Low Cost Solution for Large or Intricate Parts

Compression MoldingCompression MoldingCompression Molding


If you need large or intricate rubber parts, we often recommend a compression molding solution. This is a highly efficient option, and we can handle every step of the manufacturing process, from start to finish. You send us the print, and we’ll take care of the rest. We will create your mold (or use your supplied mold), determine the proper rubber formulation to meet your specifications, mix the rubber, preform it and manufacture your parts.

Compression Molding: A Low Cost Option

Compression molding is a manufacturing process that involves rubber being inserted directly into the cavity of a heated mold. The rubber is forced to conform to the shape of the mold through the application of heat and pressure which are maintained until the rubber has cured or vulcanized.

Compression molding is often used to form large or intricate parts and produces very little wasted material. It is one of the lowest-cost molding methods especially when you work with Cardinal Rubber Company because we produce your parts in-house from start to finish.

Equipment and Capabilities

Our compression molding operations include three 4.5-inch diameter extruders and a Crowe Preformer that allows us to manipulate rubber into almost any shape needed for your product. We also have over 20 PLC controlled compression presses than can handle molds as big as 48 by 48 inches.

Please contact us to discuss how we can leverage this low cost solution for your part requirements.

Compression Molding